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One of the easiest, most effective ways a company can support Tango Charities is by offering its employees the option to give at work. 

Employees can support Tango Charities and become an ally in the fight to end hunger by giving via payroll deductions or Team Feed Corporate (see more below). Employee giving in combination with corporate matching gifts provides vital resources for people facing hunger. 

Remember: Your gift of $1 helps provide at least 4 meals for people facing hunger. 


Benefits of Partnering with Tango Charities on Workplace Giving Campaign

According to Cone Research, 88% of Americans feel their job is more fulfilling when their employer provides opportunities to impact social issues positively. In addition, 71% of Americans want their company to provide opportunities for them to help make these changes. Tango Charities can help you do this and create a campaign that includes:

  • Integration with your company’s Employee Engagement program 

  • Branding to fit your company’s unique culture, focusing on your employees’ charitable and volunteer interests

  • Team Building opportunities to engage employees: Private Feed The City

  • Local Impact of employee gifts via Tango Charities national office support and grants to local food organizations 

  • Loyalty between your company and your employees

Engaging Employees in Workplace Giving


Tango Charities offers three main options for workplace giving:

  • Payroll Deduction: An employer-sponsored program that empowers employees to support Tango Charities' mission with a tax-deductible donation given directly from their paycheck. 

  • Team Feed Corporate: This self-service, peer-to-peer, online fundraising tool (coming soon) promotes competition and fun while supporting Tango Charities' work. This can be utilized for either short-term or long-term campaigns.

  • Matching Gifts: Many companies match employees’, retirees', and employees’ spouses’ charitable contributions on both monetary donations and volunteer hours. Knowing that donations will be matched is a powerful incentive for any donor because their impact is increased. 


Show that you stand by your employees when it matters most by offering a corporate match of their gifts to Tango Charities. 

Whether your HR and Finance team manages the campaign in-house or your company uses a technology platform, like Benevity, YourCause, or Cybergrants. Tango Charities makes it easy for your company to match employee giving. Completed matching gift forms should be mailed to: 

Tango Charities

ATTN: Nick Marino

4801 Spring Valley Rd. #20

Farmers Branch, TX 75244


Or contact us about submitting your matching gift form online.

How to Make Your Workplace Giving Campaign Successful

When you start a workplace giving campaign with Tango Charities, our team will provide you with a toolkit that includes:

  • Best practices for creating a workplace giving campaign 

  • Templates for you to customize and print

  • Sample email messages and social media posts to encourage employee participation

Ready to get started with your workplace giving campaign? Have questions? Reach out to our team. 

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