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Give back this thanksgiving

Whether you want to volunteer on Thanksgiving morning or help provide funds for Thanksgiving meals for families, we have an option for you!

Make an Impact this Thanksgiving!

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, the spirit of Thanksgiving beckons us to reflect on gratitude and the power of giving. This season, Tango Charities is determined to spread warmth and ensure that no one goes hungry during this special time. Every meal shared, every dollar donated, and every act of kindness echoes with the profound impact of community and togetherness. Join us in our mission to serve those in need, and together, we can transform Thanksgiving from a mere holiday to a powerful movement of compassion and unity. Let's make sure every table is abundant, every heart is grateful, and every hand is held. With Tango Charities, your impact is more than a gesture—it's a legacy. 

Volunteer on Thanksgiving at our Turkey Day Delivery

Volunteer with us at our 11th Annual Turkey Day Delivery with Mission Arlington. We ask that each person participating RSVP's by Tuesday, November 21. 

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Turkey Day Delivery

Donate to our 2nd Annual Gives Giving Event

Help provide meals to people in need. Donate below to help us fee 2,500 people this Thanksgiving!

Donte to Gives Giving
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